Lining linoleum on the floor

Before you start laying such a material as linoleum, you need to decide on the styling method: dry or on glue.

The first method is more suitable for small areas (no more than 20 meters) and is used in such rooms, for example, a bathroom, a toilet, a corridor, etc. The essence of this method is that linoleum creeps dry, without the use of glue. But first you need to make a screed on the floor so that the floor is even, without roughness, then linoleum will lie well. Having made a screed, having carefully dried it, the floor needs to be placed from the remnants of mixtures and garbage.

Then the linoleum roll rolls down the floor. The side edges of linoleum must be attached to the base. If you use a wooden base, then linoleum can be attached to it with the help of thick cloves at a distance from each other about 5 cm. If the base is made of concrete, then experts recommend drill holes in concrete, where traffic jams will be clogged for subsequent screwing screws.

Next, linoleum needs to be cut into pieces and let it lay down. Having laid out linoleum on the floor, it is better to glue the joints with a two -sided adhesive tape.

If you still decide to lay linoleum on glue, and this is done in large rooms or where you have to move heavy objects, then this is the right way. First of all I sweep the floor. The base of linoleum before laying should be thoroughly primed. For this, it is better to be a promoted linoleum roll to another room, turned over and primed. While linoleum is processed, you also need to do the primer of the floor. The material is allowed to dry for two days. Then the base of linoleum is lubricated with mastic. The processed linoleum is attributed to the room where the floor is laid and laid on the floor. Having spread linoleum, it needs to be well -desired.

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