Plywood structure and properties

Recently, modern industry has begun to produce completely new varieties of building materials among them, and ceramic tiles and such products from porcelain tile are very leading positions. And despite the fact that the latest materials are more universal people still do not stop using old, but time -tested building materials. These include, for example, plywood. Plywood is obtained by pressing several sheets of woody that are made of a sponge veneer and fastened with special glue.

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A radiant veneer if this is the thin sheet of wood, which has a different thickness. And it turns out as a result of a pounding churak. It is a piece of wood in a cylindrical shape on special machines. Such a cylinder produces revolutions around its axis on the machine and with all this a special knife cuts the tape of the desired width and thickness. For the manufacture of veneer, completely different trees are used. In order to start the pounding, the churaks are subjected to special temperature treatment. Cook them in boilers and it is in the water. Water temperature, which is sixty degrees. Using special scissors, the resulting tape is cut into separate sheets of the desired size.

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