Studying the zone of soil deformation in the pile space

Thus, the study conducted in the field with all distinctness showed that when the piles are clogging around them, the area of ​​deformation is formed with areas of varying degrees of soil compaction.

The study of the zone of soil deformation in the pile space is very necessary for builders. Knowing the features of this zone will make it possible to better study the processes that occur when immersing the piles, and the ways to regulate them in the side necessary for the builders. It will be possible to find out what volumes of soils when immersing the piles are involved in work; This will allow us to correctly solve the issue of the required frequency of piles scored per unit area.

When erecting pile foundations in cities, knowledge of processes that occur in the soils of various genesis, composition, state, etc. in the pile space, it will reveal the degree of danger of piles to pile in the places of operated structures and, if necessary, outline the ways of its exclusion and t. D.

The field experiments also made it possible to draw some conclusions about the duration of the tixotropic hardening of tight plastic moraine loam. The results obtained showed that this process almost ends after 14-15 days.

Summarizing the known data of a number of researchers, it can be argued that the duration of tixotropic hardening of clay soils, during which the main increase in the bearing capacity occurs, depends on several factors, among which the most important are the following: a) the mineral of the clay fraction of the soil; b) for soils with the same mineralogical composition, the degree of clay, t. e. The quantitative content of clay particles. With an increase in clayness, both the time of tixotropic hardening and the very value of this hardening increase; c) for soils with the same mineralogical composition and degree of clay (t. e. for soils with the same number of plasticity)-a castor of the consistency, with an increase in which the hardening time increases.

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