Roal for a cottage Teremka

Roofs from Gont (Drankes) were once popular, but then became forgotten, and now the fashion for this material is returning again.

What is gont? These are wedge -shaped planks (if you look from the end). When laying, the thin edge of the wedge enters the groove on the thick edge of the bar lying below. Make a gunt of coniferous breeds, usually it is a pine or larch. The roof can be covered with two or three layers. Outwardly building, covered with a racetra, looks like an original fabulous tower. By the way, the hound roof is good not only for a residential building. The roof in the form of the bumps of the cone will give the stylish appearance of the park arbor, roadside cafe, mountain hotel.

In addition to decorativeness, Gont has a number of other valuable qualities. He is a wonderful heat insulator, withstands powerful wind streams and piles of snow, and, of course, environmentally friendly. Attracts durability – half a century of operation at least. The roof from the fight becomes dry very quickly after the rain because the gunt, drying, is deformed, and moisture quickly drains. Gont is much lighter than slate and tiles, so it does not need complex supporting structures.

Dranca has its disadvantages. The main thing is that it is quite expensive, since the laborious consumption in the manufacture. Gont is not so easy to lay down, a person with experience is needed here. And, of course, fire safety measures when using gunt should be at the height. But where the harsh multi -minute winters, such a wooden roof will justify all costs.

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