That we should build a house or the most economical construction technologies

Building a house is a responsible and expensive business. However, if desired and due knowledge of excessive costs, you can avoid. After all, construction technologies are constantly developing, some materials are cheaper, so it is quite possible to build a reliable, beautiful building and not go broke.

The cheapest option, which can afford even people with a relatively low average income, is to buy a ready -made wooden log house. Now there are a lot of companies engaged in the manufacture of such houses. You just need to choose your favorite building model and place an order. As a result, you will receive a solid wooden house, quite reliable and pretty. The only minus of such a dwelling is a high fire hazard.

The house of frame, built according to one of the most popular modern building technologies in the world, will cost more. The frame house is a prefabricated structure made of wood or metal, which is mounted directly on the customer section. You can assemble such a building in just a few weeks, and you will need only 4 to 5 people for this. In the USA and Canada, most houses are built precisely using frame technology, as this is economical and does not require significant time.

In third place – a brick house. It is more reliable than frame or wooden, steadfastly tolerates all weather changes. In addition, brick walls have high firewoods, which can not be said about wood structures. But it will cost almost 7 times more than a wooden log house. Not only because of the cost of brick, but also because of a powerful foundation, which during the construction of such a building is simply necessary.

During the construction of a brick house, you can save a little by combining a brick and foam concrete blocks. If everything is correctly calculated, then the savings will be about 20%. And if you know how to pour concrete yourself and have the necessary equipment, then you can reduce the cost of a brick house by almost half. In the latter case, by the way, it is possible to completely exclude the brick from the list of materials used, because foam concrete in its technical characteristics is in no way inferior to him. Unless the design of foam concrete blocks will be slightly less reliable than brickwork.

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