The pantry also requires repair

We have a strange idea of ​​the appearance and fullness of the pantry. Many are used to believe that this is a room in which the trash is stored, very dusty and dirty, without lighting, etc. P.

But now, when most apartments in new houses are designed taking into account the presence of a separate pantry, this approach is unacceptable. And this can be able to create a functional room with good finishes and high -quality furniture. A room in which your things will not grow old because of a huge amount of dust and web.

So, first of all, the pantry must be freed from things. Then we proceed to wall decoration. They should be plastered by antimicrobials, which will eliminate the appearance on the walls of the fungus, mold and bacteria. The fact is that often pantries are in an unheated, very raw zone. If you got just such a pantry, think about additional ventilation.

So, the walls are plastered. The ceiling can be whitewashed, or you can paint. You are also free in choosing wall decoration – it can be paint, wallpaper, wooden panels, ceramic tiles, etc. D. If you plan that the cabinets will be open, in the form of racks, the walls should not get dirty. By the way, when choosing the height of the shelves, consider that the objects that you decide to put on them will be large. It can be school backpacks, balls, shovels, sunset. It is better to put racks with different heights of shelves.

Be sure to conduct electricity to the pantry. It can be a ceiling lamp or wall -mounted sconce. Of course, the pantry is not the room where the guests are invited, it is inaccessible to prying eyes, but do not overdo it in the desire to save.

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