What coating to make in the kitchen requirements

The floor in the kitchen should be waterproof and durable, and at the same time delight the residents with its appearance, because the whole family often gathers in the kitchen. Consider the main materials used in the flooring in the kitchen, taking into account all the requirements for it.

The most common materials such as linoleum, ceramic tiles, parquet and parquet board. Now the kitchen and children’s furniture can cost inexpensively, but the choice of coverage for the floor should be treated with all the thoroughness.

Let’s start a review with ceramic tiles. The tile stacked correctly is a very practical and durable material – does not deform, does not bend, does not burn, does not burn out, resistant to wear, damage and moisture. The disadvantages include excessive hardness and some “coldness”, especially when walking barefoot, and wet tiles can be very slippery. The coldness is easily removed with the help of warm floors, and it is better to clean the cleaning with a slightly damp cloth.

The floor made of parquet boards is very reliable and beautiful. He tolerates moisture and temperature changes well, looks good and natural and is quite easily mounted. For gender in the kitchen you need to use very high -quality varnish to protect the parquet from moisture and damage.

The most inexpensive and rather practical material for the kitchen is linoleum. Any pollution is easily removed from it, it is resistant to abrasion and easy to install. A huge number of colors and textures allows you to choose linoleum for every taste and wallet. It is better if the substrate is made of natural fabric, then static electricity will not accumulate and the legs will be more comfortable.

What will be the floor in the kitchen, every home owner decides on its own, based on his own preferences and features of the room.

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