What material for the roof to choose?

It’s no secret that the construction of a country house takes a lot of time and effort. Roofing works require special attention, the reliability and durability of the roof as a whole depend on the quality of the performance of which. That is why it is important to comply with technological norms and requirements, as well as use suitable building materials.

Roof installation

First you need to decide on the type of roof:

metal tiles – galvanized sheets of steel covered with a polymer composition;

PVC membrane roofing – ensures the simplicity of operation;

Copper roof – requires special care, but guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the building;

Falts roof – interconnected metal sheets.

Today, the folding roof is practically not used anywhere, and there is enough about metal tiles. So it is worth paying attention to a soft or “roll” roof. It is ideal for styling on a flat surface in dry and warm weather. Otherwise, the waterproofing layer may be swollen – then urgent roof repair will be required, and concrete work will have to be postponed until better times.

An excellent alternative to the above options is also a roof of PVC membrane. In this case, you can guarantee a long service life and ease of care for the roof. The roof laying itself is carried out by means of special building hairdries. However, the fastening of the PVC membrane can be performed by mechanically. If the installation is carried out on an adhesive basis, you will have to take care of welding seams with hot air.

As for the repair of a membrane roof, everything is very simple here – a patch is placed in a damaged place, the size of which is installed individually. Experts recommend doing this with an overlap of 40-50 mm.

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