Which coating to choose for a warm floor system

Floor covering provides the opportunity to supplement the created coziness and heat with an original design solution. The choice of floor covering of warm floors usually does not cause any difficulties, since any floor material can be put on the screeds. But what kind of floor coverings do specialists recommend laying?

There can be any type of parquet for a warm floor, but it is worth starting with the most popular flooring – tiles, a huge selection of which allows you to choose it by color, texture, size and price and decorate the floor with it, almost any room in the house. The tile is distinguished by excellent qualities that favorably distinguish it against the background of all other floor materials – in particular, the tiles are not terrible mechanical damage, as well as moisture or dust. But, she still has one small drawback, for our climate, the tiles are cold enough, but it can simply be fixed and tile to the “warm” floor with electric heating. The result is the perfect combination of tiles and warm floor, which will be durable and at the same time comfortable.

Porcelain tile or natural stone is perfect for the “warm” floor, but this material for covering the floor is quite specific and is not suitable for any interior. It is also worth noting that compared to ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles and natural stone quite expensive material, moreover, they are more often used to cover the floor in non -residential rooms. Nevertheless, this material is no less moisture -resistant, durable and resistant to mechanical damage, and as tiles, are great for flooring with heating.

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