Why not start the interior decoration in the house

Indoor painting is carried out for reasons of aesthetics, as well as for reliable protection against high humidity, especially in the bathroom, a place where washing is also launched in the kitchen. The surface after painting is also easier to clean and wash. In the rooms, the ceilings and walls usually paint, and the carpentry elements built -in furniture and doors can be varnished and painted. Success in the decoration of such varieties depends on high -quality training, implementation and rational planning. Now the Kabardinka is a private sector, there you can relax well after you finish all the repair work.

Do not start the interior decoration before all the dirty work in the house is over. Without removing dust before painting and without controlling its formation during painting, you cannot expect the quality of painting work.

It is necessary that all surfaces are dry, clean, smooth, without oil and fat films. Before using the primer, you need to clean dry plaster with a vacuum cleaner or dry rag. All detected defects must be eliminated, and then cleaned and re -apply a primer before painting. Do not dilute the paint with a large dose of the solvent before painting, while its resistance and durability are reduced.

When coating with varnish or flooring, finishes, carpentry and wooden doors before work, it is recommended to first check the coating on the sample of the material used. In order for the penis to lie well, some types of wood must first be covered with a special composition. The floors of wooden racks are also better to cover with mastic before the finish. Before the floor is varnished, it must be treated with emery.

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