What parquet can you choose for your home?

A striking example of natural flooring is parquet. The main advantage of any parquet is its durability. If it has high quality, it will be suitable for decades. The only thing that can saddle in the floor is the appearance of cracks. But this problem is very easy to eliminate by installing multi -layer parquet. According to experts, the more layers have a parquet, the less the likelihood of any cracks is.

Today in stores several types of parquet are sold, namely piece, shield, massive and adhesive parquet boards. Piece parquet has the form of long plates, which somewhat reminiscent of boards. Its convenience lies in the fact that you can choose different ways of laying, that is, both ordinary methods and methods of artistic style. Such parquet can be mounted in any types of apartments that can be in different cities and can be put up for sale.

Shield parquet differs from other types in that it has the shape of a square. The main advantage of such a parquet is that it requires a short time to install. In addition, special knowledge is not mandatory.

The positive side of the glued parquet board is a simple and very fast way of laying. At the same time, special tools are not required.

As for the massive parquet board, it is quite unique, in which the durability and uniformity of the structure of the piece parquet with the techniquity of the glued parquet board combined.

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