Wooden house and its types

At the beginning of the study of structures and varieties of wooden houses, it quickly becomes clear that today there is such a wide variety when choosing houses that it is even difficult to imagine all this. Houses made of wood are made not only from various materials and their variations, but also of unusual sizes and forms. During the construction of a house made of wood, it should be borne in mind that there are such categories of wood houses as manufactured from a hand -cutting materials, made of milling or specialized material, as well as from special frames.

A house created using a hand cutting is made simply from the beeps cleaned from the bark. In the construction of this house, a alternating way of laying is used. Houses created from milling logs have homogeneous materials and simply combined at the base, unlike chopped houses. By the way, now log houses and baths began to build often with wooden houses.

The milling process is also carried out over a profiled timber, which has a variety of types and shapes. Such a beam can have either a square or rectangular shape, worn -out or removed, the sides of the logs can be rounded, and the junction is both single and dual, it all depends on where and by whom this material was produced. The grooves on logs are cut in the lower and upper part, which provides the house with a fairly dense landing. Never forget it that a wooden house is a fully customizable design when assembling, which often becomes the choice of experienced builders.

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