Country chores! Turnkey construction

If you bought a summer cottage on which the house is on, you can’t do without repair. First you need to evaluate the degree of upcoming repair. Start inspection with the foundation – this is the basis of the entire building. If the foundation is safe and there are no cracks on it, then it can not be touched and immediately engage in the inner walls, facade, roof, as well as windows and doors. If the foundation is very bad, destroyed, has many cracks, more advisable to think about building a new house. For example, about the fast -far -free not expensive wooden houses, information about which you can see on the site, and choose a house that will serve you for many years and not cause problems.

You decided to repair the old country house! The replacement of the roof requires considerable time and effort, so that the roof serves for a long time and does not proceed better to take modern material for its overlap, such as metal tiles. She has a guarantee of fifty years, and she will last longer.

To finish the facade of the building, you can use siding, again the material with a large margin of strength and gives the house a presentable view. It is better to paint the walls and ceilings in the house with modern, water-dispersion colors.

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