How to choose land for builders of the house

Many people dream of about their own house in a bosom of picturesque nature: to observe sunsets, grow vegetables, make a large dog, slowly drink herbal tea on a veranda, which is deliberately smelling of a tree – a real idyll in the performance of a modern person. But before starting to embody your dream, you need to buy a plot for building a house.

The site should be chosen based on your own financial capabilities and the desired remoteness from the city. When choosing a site, it is worth considering factors such as the possibility of electrifying and connecting a phone, the environmental situation in the selected area, population density in the nearest territories, and the development of infrastructure. It is worth finding out how far there is a store, a pharmacy, various official institutions from your home, and is there also a municipal service. If you want to live outside the city, but continue to work in the city, it is worth buying a plot in the settlements closest to it in order to be able to easily and quickly get to the workplace. You can buy both a house and an apartment, taking into account that excellent buildings are found in the suburbs, this will not be difficult – for example, new buildings of good monitories may come up. If you buy a plot for a summer house and make a garden, it is better to choose territories far from the city where the environmental situation is much better. Then much more time will go on the road.

After you have decided on the choice of the site, you must write an application with a request to allocate this site for private construction. Then you need to go to the management bodies for municipal property. This can take quite a lot of time, since the bureaucratic apparatus in our country is far from perfect. If the authorities confirm you the possibility of obtaining a site, you can buy it. How to only you pay for the full market value of the selected site, it becomes your.

In Russia, there are a number of categories of preferential citizens who may apply for a free land plot. They can apply for a free plot: disabled people, military personnel who have served more than 10 years, heroes of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, cavaliers of the Order of Glory and Labor Glory, Heroes of Socialist, Lonely parents.

After you bought a site and issued all the necessary documents for it, you can start designing a house and building. You need to decide what area you leave under the house and which plants will take. Then you can invite professionals who will pick you up a layout of a house based on your wishes.

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