How to organize a winter garden in an apartment

Winter gardens are very popular among nature lovers. They allow those who do not have a house or country area to enjoy the beauty of nature in their apartment. The creation of a winter garden to decorate your small apartment, visually increase the space and give it individuality. In addition, you will be close to nature all year round. The winter garden is designed in a closed space, as a rule, small, so all its inhabitants must harmonize and get along well with each other. The layout of the place is also important, because in extremely limited space it is not so easy to do it the first time. In order to arrange everything correctly, you will need a lot of effort and theoretical knowledge. You should also try to remember the fact that when planning a winter garden, two elements play an equivalent role – engineering design and design.

Inner interior designers say that plants must be selected based not only from the necessary conditions for the growth, but also on the basis of their appearance. In addition, it is worth using small architectural forms, fountains or pools. The latter, in turn, perform not only aesthetic, but also utilitarian function – they help maintain the necessary level of air humidity.

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