Independent laying of laminated floors

Many people now like the material to cover the floors as laminate. It is quite attractive, in its aesthetic characteristics and the simplicity of the installation of the sexes. Even without being experienced, you can easily cope with this task yourself. To do this, follow the instructions and know some features of laying this floor covering.

First, it is necessary to level the floor surface alignment. This is usually done using a screed, which, incidentally, can simultaneously be a heat -insulator and a noise -absorber. The sheets of the substrate must be joined, the seams can be glued with painting tape to prevent unnecessary distortions. In general, the process of alignment of floors is much easier than diamond drilling, for example.

Then they are taken for the laminate itself. You need to start from the corner, first the first row is carefully laid out. Having laid out the second, you need to carefully connect both rows with the ends and insert spacer wedges into the gaps between the floor canvas and the wall. The gaps must be left to subsequently avoid the movement of the floor with possible changes in the climate of the room.

The following rows of laminate coating are laid out by analogy with the first, and each subsequent row can be slightly shifted to the previous one to make the seams between the ends less visible.

To protect the seams between the rows of the canvas, you can use a special sealant. He does not glue the boards themselves, but perfectly serves as a moisture -resistant agent, thereby increasing the service life of such an undemanding flooring as a laminate.

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