Exclusive blinds

Increasingly, buyers abandon classic vertical or horizontal blinds in favor of exotic. Laws that have curly lamellas in the form of waves or zigzags are in great demand. The sun’s rays, passing through such a barrier, create in the room various combinations of shadows and light. Now many began to buy chandeliers in the online store, there they are inexpensive.

Multifactive blinds are no less popular today. In fact, these are blinds with a pattern applied. The technology of application is such that, on the lamellas of the same color, apply lamellas of another texture and flowers. In this way, a variety of effects are achieved, for example, the illusion of dark curtains and light curtains. The most diverse materials are combined according to this technique: plastic and fabric or fabric different in density and texture. Relatively recently appeared lamellas of vertical blinds that are decorated with tulle cloth. However, you can bring a highlight to classical blinds by installing a decorative cornice. Most often, the cornice is made in white, but it can be decorated with various materials and elements.

For the convenience of controlling the blinds, you can install an automated motor that performs the signal from the remote control. It should be noted that this will significantly increase the cost of the entire structure.

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