History of the production of laminate

Laminated coating was first invented in Europe in Sweden in the late 80s of the 20th century. The discovery of such a unique flooring belongs to the scientist-inventor of the refiner. According to his technology for the manufacture of laminate, the board was produced as follows: the upper layer – the decor was treated with melamine resin, and the lower layer of manufacturing laminate was performed using a phenol resin. Both layers were combined into one laminated plate by means of thermactive glue.

But this is the study in the field of laminate development did not stop. The technology of manufacturing laminate tried to change and improve. As a result, a new experiment has appeared on the manufacture of a thin laminated coating due to the use of high pressure and temperatures. Only all these studies required certain investments, and as a result, these methods to make a laminate are not included in the modern process of manufacturing. In addition, large costs of production led to the fact that the cost of such a floor covering also increased sharply, which has already become not acceptable for buyers.

After one decade, Hornitex has created a fundamentally new technology in the field of laminate production, which is used to this day. The essence of the manufacture of the laminate using this technology was as follows: they polished two fiberboard plates, and sticky foil made of phenolic resin was laid between their grinded sides. On top of the wooden -gland plate, decorated paper treated with melamine resin was applied. The lower layer of the coating was processed by a craft paper that performed soundproofing functions. As a result of the connection of all layers using high pressure and temperatures, a laminated board was formed.

Thus, this young floor material is already successfully advanced in all world markets and is inferior to its predecessors – parquet and linoleum.

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