How best to paint a concrete floor

Very often in some room the floor can be concrete. Of course, we are not talking about living rooms where the flooring is laid on top of the concrete screed, but about rooms such as, for example, a shed, a garage, a workshop, a pantry outside the house, a basement.

In addition, on the balcony, a concrete slab often remains unprotected from too harmful climatic factors and absolutely “naked”. The concrete floor can also be found in various car dealerships, since standard types of flooring will not be able to withstand such a load. However, concrete itself sooner or later begins to collapse, because it is not entirely resistant to large loads. To prevent this, concrete is painted.

For concrete, special paints are mainly used. It is advisable to use the owners of the same car dealerships, since the floor, like the whole room, should have a presentable appearance, and after this painting it acquires it.

It is best to use ordinary oil or alkyd paint for private enterprises. This is also not possible, but to protect the floor, this must be done. In order to make the paint the most liquid, it can be slightly diluted with diesel fuel. Immediately before painting, the floor must be placed and washed under the pressure of water. Belated in two layers with a painting roller

Purchase goods for repair or construction is easy! It is enough to find on the Internet sites of building materials stores, where ceramic tiles in St. Petersburg, reinforced concrete slabs in Moscow are presented, and metal tiles in Sochi. This is a huge selection for different wealth.

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