How to equip a living room combined with a kitchen?

The version of the living room combined with the kitchen is known to us for a long time. It is very popular, and this is not surprising. Most often, the family gathers in the kitchen, and in the living room the table is set only when a large number of guests come. Champagne hill on a feast in this case will be very helpful. Well, if guests are close friends, we also usually accept them in the kitchen, because this is the most cozy place in the house. Having combined the living room with the kitchen, you can create a “kitchen” comfort in a larger area, and turn the room into a real paradise for family gatherings.

The most convenient for an apartment with a small kitchen, if the kitchen room and the living room are adjacent. Then the whole redevelopment is to demolish the wall between the rooms. At the same time, the wall can be completely demolished by combining the kitchen and living room into one large spacious room. And you can leave part of the wall using it for different purposes (for example, as a bar or a niche with shelves, which will visually separate the zones). Be sure to clarify whether the wall carries between the room and the kitchen, because such walls cannot be demolished. But you can significantly expand the doorway, making a wide arch in it, for example. Thus, two rooms also connect to one.

By fully uniting two rooms, make sure that a good hood is installed in the kitchen, because all smells will penetrate into the living room, absorb furniture and textiles. It is also worth tracking that the functional zones in the united space are still somehow shared. To do this, you can use different design for the kitchen and guest zone, different flooring, podium or suspended ceiling.

It is also good to use different lighting – in the working area more bright and directed, and in the living room – diffused and muffled, creating comfort. Having made repairs, feel free to cover on the table and do not forget to install a chocolate fountain on it – your guests will definitely be surprised, and not only work carried out on redevelopment!

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