How to make a cellar in the country what to take into account

Many problems of a modern person include the need to preserve something. Not everyone may have the opportunity to maintain reserves for the winter period, then, with cold winter evenings, crunch with salty cucumbers or fresh apples. The premises intended for such a goal are always in a city apartment. There is always a mono to find the preservation of vegetables, cans with fruits. But, as a rule, most of these supplies are stored in the country. Thanks to such an ordinary cellar, you can solve the problems associated with the preservation of food.

Products, first of all, will be protected from the effects of sunlight on them. The constant temperature regime will allow banks with stocks of pickles and vegetables that love heat, to preserve during severe frosts. There will always be an opportunity, thanks to the cellar, to maintain the space inside your house as much as possible. It should be noted that all shelves, refrigerators and cabinets will not be crowded and cluttered with banks and vegetables. Specialized shelves will easily solve the problem of separation of all products in the house. The upper shelves can be intended for storage of tomato, medium – under peppers, and the lower ones – under potatoes, carrots and beets. In such a room, vegetables will be stored at any time of the year.

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