How to paint the ceiling in the room after whitewashing

Naturally, the most competent solution of painting the ceiling surface after the last whitewash is, in fact, the most difficult. As a rule, the application of any paint should only be performed on a clean and even base, previously covered with a primer. Such a process will be monotonous in the event of it manually, and using nozzles for drones, a lot of dust will occur during the work, and ultimately the work will present possible only in the respirator. Settlement of small particles will take a lot of time, construction dust will fill all the air, and may further lead to allergies.

The forced methods of removing whitewashing include wet and dry. In the event that before painting, the old whitewash is wetted, then it will be easier to clean, but this threatens the pollution of the room. Finally, after the old whitewash is removed, the surface must be thoroughly washed, after which it is covered with a primer.

As a rule, before we usually paint the ceiling with our own hands, you also need to clean the old layer of water -based paint with a spatula. For this operation, you will need to make a special pasta – asbestos dust, kaustik and sifted chalk are taken in equal parts, and mixed, and then applied to the base. After about half an hour, with the help of a spatula, the paint is easily removed along with the paste. It is worth noting that the technique of carrying out surfaces cleaning work depending on the construction time of the structure.

It is extremely important to make the choice of paint correctly. As part of today’s colors, dispersants, emulsifiers and substances that prevent the formation of foam are added to give stability. As a result, the thread is covered with an even m smooth layer. The basis, as always, is the paints.

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