How to make a false field on your own, take into account

Installation of the false floor is ordered for offices, industrial facilities, server premises. For some buildings, the underfloor is an obligatory part of the project, it allows you to save the area of ​​the room, this occurs due to the placed wires, a turn, elements of air conditioning systems and other communications under the floor slabs, the surface of which is free from interfering elements.

Sometimes the task is to raise the floor level. The installation of the rallum can significantly increase the horizontal area of ​​your room. The construction of the false floor is simple, removable slabs will allow access to the space between the floor if necessary, so the installation of the false floor brings obvious advantages for administrative buildings.

In order to mount the underfloor, you must first study the room and think through the entire organization of work. It is also necessary to think over the material for the finish coating, it can be linoleum, carpet, vinyl, rubber, porcelain, wooden, can be calcium sulfate slabs, which is used if heavy equipment is subsequently installed on the counterfeit.

To install the false floor, all finishing work in the room must be finished, the floor surface must be prepared, the floor must be cleared of dirt and dust, it should not have water and construction waste. The floor is recommended to be exhausted. The room is carefully prepared for the installation of the second floor, it is recommended that the temperature does not drop below +15C degrees, there is no high humidity. For installation of the false floor, steel supports are installed in height, fastened them with profiles, this is necessary in order to ensure the vertical stability of the entire structure.

Then the panels of the false floor are laid, the level is checked and the height of the supports is regulated, then the inflicted is finally regulated. The price of the installation of a false floor usually depends on complexity and installation, it is possible to install diagonal stringers or additional racks, the cost will also depend on the configuration of the room and the height of the supporting part. The raft is usually mounted quickly enough, on the working day, installation of approximately 30-40 square meters is possible.

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