How to make a landscape project yourself?

Of course, a professional landscape designer is far from affected by now. And what to do if you want to equip your six hundred parts, as in the picture? Some confident people are ready to engage in the landscape of their site on their own. The idea, it should be noted, is very good, and it is not so difficult to realize it – the embodiment will require you, first of all, patience and painstaking work.

Let’s start by creating a plan of the house territory. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and apply an image of a site with a house, observing the scale. Then outline on paper already existing and planned paths. The territory of the site should be divided into functional zones – this is precisely the whole of the salt of work.

What can these zones be? Usually, areas of passive and outdoor activities are distinguished, as well as ceremonial, household, entrance, “garden” and/or “garden”, and those who need are also provide for the game and children’s. Zones should be physically separated from each other. Given that the production of metal structures today is very well developed, there will be no problems with the choice of the demarrier – it can be fences, borders and arch, decorative lattices. Often used environmentally friendly hedge, which requires, however, additional care, or concrete structures.

If you plan to plant a plant on the site, then you should take into account the conditions favorable for their growth and growth. As a rule, plants are grouped in composition. Do not buy large -scale and exotic – they are dear and poorly transplanted. It is better to plant the necessary plants yourself and wait for them to grow. Do not forget to provide the lawn!

Now it’s time to do physical labor! Good luck!

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