Izhevsk needs a billion for a storm

Residents of several Izhevsk city districts every year during the spring flood are forced to endure inconvenience: their houses are flooded with meltwater. To the local authorities, to get out of this situation, it is necessary to build a new storm sewer. Spring flood causes great damage to the townspeople, whose houses are in particular located on the territory of the Leninsky and Pervomaisky district. Local officials have just realized the complexity of the situation, decided to announce their decision, build a new modern storm sewer. It is worth noting that the storm sewer is a rather complicated system, the main task of which is the quick and unhindered removal of meltwater from industrial or urban territories. In addition, the so -called pure water is also dumped into the storm sewers, which is formed as a result of various technological processes of industrial organizations.

According to the city manager of the city of Izhevsk, in the past years, the problem of the construction of modern storm sewers was practically not given to the problem. However, today this issue before the local authorities stands a “rib”, and Izhevsk officials will still have to equip the city with a special storm sewer. According to preliminary calculations for its organization, you need to find about one billion rubles. However, this amount is so impressive, and the city budget at the moment simply does not have.

Izhevsk officials want to collect the required amount, as they say “by bit” and for this starting this year, 15 million rubles will be allocated for the construction of a storm sewer in the Leninsky district of the city. However, a similar problem remains still unresolved in the Pervomaisky district. Meanwhile, the spring flood in the city of Izhevsk was already over, the inhabitants of flooded houses began to dry the wet property and fear the next spring flood.

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