Malical concrete blocks reliable building materials

The construction and repair of buildings is carried out using aerated concrete blocks made by autoclave and non -autoclave. This is modern building material. .

For the manufacture of aerated concrete blocks, purified sand, cement, water, and non -flexible lime with aluminum powder are used. All components of the blocks are thoroughly mixed with the mixer and poured into forms. After several hours, a chemical reaction occurs between aluminum powder, water and lime. During which the pores are formed in the mixture. The difference between autoclave and non -autoclave in conditions of hardening the solution. In the first case, the resulting mixture is subjected to temperature exposure to two hundred degrees and pressure. The non -circular method is distinguished by the absence of external influences on the solution, the mixture hardens under the influence of natural factors.

Malen concrete blocks among builders were won thanks to their physical properties: the possibility of energy conservation, low cost. Aerated concrete blocks lend themselves to a hacksaw and a shirt.

Auto -plate gas concrete blocks have higher indicators in strength, therefore, they are used to build external walls of buildings. Non -avoiding blocks are distinguished by lower reliability qualities, as a result, they are used to build internal walls and partitions.

Despite the fact that all new materials appear on the construction market, classic wallpaper for walls still remain the most immune. No liquid wallpaper and decorative plasters cannot provide such a variety of walls of walls as paper wallpaper.

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