Woodwood for the construction of a bathhouse

In the construction of the bath, it is required to use natural materials of good quality. For these purposes, it is better to use a tree as a building material. Indeed, earlier attempts to replace wood with other modern materials (copper, concrete, stainless steel) were in vain, since such a room is stuffy and wet. Also on the site you will need a septic tank Astra Unylos, you can buy it after the construction of the bath.

Determining the wood of wood is a delicate choice. For the construction of baths, coniferous wood was more often used. In the steam room, especially for shelves, linden and aspen are used. But the construction of the baths also use aspen, poplar, spruce, lipa and Abash. Such material is characterized by strength and durability, moisture resistance, in addition. For example, sitting on a poplar or pine shelf, you can’t get burned.

The unpleasant odor of these breeds is not characteristic of, and the content of the resin is low. When choosing linden, cedar, Canadian spruce, do not forget about the unique qualities of this wood. Wood – a material that can easily regulate the humidity and circulation of air in the bathhouse room. Therefore, in the steam room, natural wood creates a favorable microclimate.

There are also the construction of the bathhouse, however, in accordance with the qualities of the selected wood to different parts of the bath, you can create a room in which it is nice to wash and relax.

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