Porcelanite Dos Serie ceramic tiles

As you know, small businesses are widespread in Europe. One of the worthy representatives of such a business is the Porcelanite DOS factory specializing in the manufacture of ceramic tiles in a small Spanish town of Castelon. The creators and owners of this factory made a lot of efforts so that their products became recognizable not only in Spain itself, but also far beyond its borders.

Now the Porcelanite DOS factory has a wide range of products. Ceramic parquet will delight connoisseurs of traditions with imitation for natural natural building materials. It itself is made of red clay, so it is extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Facing tiles for bathrooms and kitchen also has various compositions and colors. Innovation lovers will pleasantly surprise polished and glazed porcelain tiles that affect their versatility, as it can be used as both floor and wall covering. But, undoubtedly the main “highlight” of the factory, and remains the ceramic tile of Porcelanite Dos Serie, which does not cease to delight and surprise both permanent and new customers with their quality and wide choice.

Porcelanite DOS designers work without turning hands, and the result of their labors is represented in a variety of tile textures. It is possible to choose between matte and glossy surfaces decorated with various original drawings. The combination of bright colors and floral compositions will pleasantly surprise lovers of modern style. There are also various options for decorative mosaics for decorating rooms of any size. Everyone will find something to their taste to decorate their home among the variety of colors and the size of the presented range of products produced by the Porcelanite Dos factory.

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