The main errors during the installation of the door handle

The saying “just like a door” does not make sense when developers are faced with many problems during its installation. The installation of the door requires some knowledge and skills, since the installed door can be potentially traumatic and not practical. It so happens that the main errors occur during construction or overhaul, when choosing a door location. The wrong place for the doorway can block narrow passages, hook and hit the furniture (furniture made of natural wood will withstand the blow, because in the production of furniture made of natural wood, high -quality materials are used) or walls).

The most common error is the incorrectly placed door handle. Very often, the pens type of pressing ball is installed too close to the edge of the door. To select the right place, the handle is wrapped around with your hand and thus determine the ideal location of the future hole. In the case of installation of an ordinary handle – the ball should be more careful, since during the opening of the door there may be miserable fingers on the door box. The best option for the door handle is away from the edge of the door, but taking into account the fact that the handle located very close to the center of the door will not be able to function correctly.

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