TISE foundation

For construction, various types of foundations are used, even the same type can have various performance. The columnar foundation, in addition to pile and filling, has another interesting type – TISE. The principle of performing such a foundation is similar to other types of columnar foundation. A distinctive feature is to use a peculiar performance of the column itself. The pillar is made with an extended support point. In this case, concrete is poured into the holes made by a special TISE drill. The use of such a drill allows you to expand the base of the hole up to 60 cm. This type of foundation was called – TISE. Expansion provides a large support area of ​​the foundation, as well as a wide base prevents the “squeezing of the pillar when moving soils.

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Using this type of pillars, you can save on concrete. With this method, the pillars are poured with a smaller diameter, compared with the usual flood. The missing plane of contact with soil with more than compensated by a wider basis. The TISE foundation is relatively inexpensive, but has the functions of a full -fledged column foundation, and on unreliable soils, even surpasses them.

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