What is wall decoration with panels

Wall decoration with panels is one of the optimal options for wall repair in the apartment. Now there is a huge selection of such panels that allow the walls at the highest level. For these purposes, MDF and PVC panels can be used. The price of panels directly depends on the quality of the material and the manufacturer. The technology of wall decoration with these two types of panels is almost a similar.

MDF or PVC type plastic panels can be used to conduct the interior decoration of the room. They have a number of undeniable advantages, among which it is worth highlighting a fairly high level of durability, sound insulation, ease of care and operation, installation. It is also worth noting one hundred percent moisture resistance of these panels. Such characteristics make these same panels with an almost perfect option for the walls of toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, as well as other rooms in houses and apartments. Before installing the panels, you need to purchase special profiles to install them.

Wall decoration with panels must start with a thorough preparatory process of walls. If they are even, then the skin with panels can be done by gluing panels on special liquid nails. This option of installing panels is the simplest. First you need to glue the profiles, then cut the panels of the required size, smear them at the edges and in the central places with glue. After this, the panels are turned into special profiles, and direct gluing occurs.

If the walls have not the most even surface, then you need to draw a crate. The installation of the crate is made of special rails, the width of which is at least five centimeters. Reiki can be attached to the wall using dowels or screws. The distance between them should correspond to the level of the width of the panels. After the installation of the crate is completed, it is necessary to perform the panels adjusted to the desired width.

The wall decoration with panels must start from the corner, which is visible at the entrance to the room in the first place. The panel is inserted into the corner profile and installed in a special groove, after which it is fixed. Thus, it is necessary to install all other panels.


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