How to stick the murals yourself?

Wall murals help quickly and cheaply change the design of any room. Many dream that snow -covered Alps or Jungle of South America flaunted in their bedroom. If you are from such people, then the murals are just for you. This is very profitable. Recently, the seal of the photo on any surface has become noticeably cheaper. In addition, there is no need to spend money on calling workers. Sticking such wallpapers is very easy without any help.

What do you need?

You can stick the murals yourself in three simple steps:

choose glue;

prepare the wall;

actually stick.

You will also need the main tools: a clerical knife (the more, the better), a roller for applying glue, a thin brush, a ruler and a plumb line, a clean rag.

Choose glue

Remember that the larger the thickness of the wallpaper, the thicker the glue should be. Ask the seller to give you glue for vinyl wallpaper. There should be so many glue to be enough for a mark of both walls and the wallpaper itself. Dilute the glue strictly according to the instructions on the packaging, immediately before the start of pasting.


Remove other wallpaper from the wall. Remove the layer of old glue and remove all the bumps. Rinse dirt and dust. Let the walls dry completely. To avoid color distortions in the murals, the wall can be painted with white paint.


Draw the wall into rectangles according to the size of sheets of photo wallpaper. Slue the wallpaper and wall with glue and leave for ten minutes. Stick the first sheet according to the drawing. Glue the following sheets from left to right. Remove white stripes in the joints of the joint with an office knife. Control so that there is no air and excess glue under the wallpaper, for this, constantly wipe the wallpaper canvas with a clean rag.

When all the sheets are glued, leave them to dry. Do not allow drafts and do not open the windows in the room.

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