What does the concept of “warm house” mean

In the early nineties, in Russia, as in the entire post -Soviet space, mainly brick, wood and aerated concrete were used for the construction of individual houses. Thermal insulation of buildings came down to plastering the outer walls with a cement mortar. And the interior decoration, to gypsum or lime plaster.

With increasing energy prices and tightening sanitary standards, builders had to introduce new technologies, mainly foreign production.

There were materials such as expanded clay concrete, and slag blocks, where expanded clay or slag with the TPP were used as a filler. Polystyrene concrete used to plaster walls and floors device. Ceramic brick made using a special technology. Thanks to the pores inside such material, the thermal insulation of the building increases significantly.

To achieve less thermal conductivity, new materials are made as low as possible. And the use of modern fillers make them quite strong.

There were materials such as a galled log, glued beam, which is stronger than ordinary, less subject to deformation, is easier to process.

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